Our Mission

Project: KICK FOR GOALS (Greater Opportunity for All to Learn and Share),
is a non-profit organization. We are comprised of education, business, and sports professionals whose mission is to facilitate the development of the Philippines’ disadvantaged youth through after-school tutoring and football-related programs. Our goals are to foster opportunity through the employment of a nurturing out of school environment, academic tutoring, health/nutrition information, exercise, and safe facilities, while exposing the children and their families to models of positive healthy lifestyles. Our program:

  • Combines the benefits of academic achievement with the motivation and self-discipline of sports.
  • Promotes educational opportunity.
  • Combats the growing problems of illiteracy, school delinquency, adolescent crime and obesity.

Our program is provided at no charge to the participants but the students are encouraged to “earn” time on the field by exhibiting good schoolwork habits.

Our participants work with professional educators to improve their study skills and habits with emphasis on strengthening weak areas of their schoolwork. They also have the opportunity to learn from and meet members of the health, business and sports community who advise on the importance of education and a healthy lifestyle.

After a one hour schoolwork period, the children are directed to either the gym or football field where accredited coaches – former professional football players – provide superior coaching. In addition to our own coaching staff, we invite active, well-known professional players to provide special clinics.

Football occupies an important component in the lives of our targeted groups; it is the “lure” for enlisting the students’ willing participation. The fact that the sport is an important link to their cultural roots is evidenced through casual conversation, or by observing the thousands of families who gather to watch and play every weekend.

KICK FOR GOALS “fills the gap” by offering an all around program that provides a “haven” and structured activities for needy students, not only after school but during summer and school vacations. We welcome and we need your support, either financially or as a volunteer.

There are few organized youth activities in our inner cities. High registration fees and transportation problems restrict or prohibit access to programs outside local communities.

Our Project has enjoyed a great deal of community support since we launched in 2012, but limited resources have forced us to turn many candidates away. There is growing community interest to expand our programs to other needy. We need your support to ensure the future of this worthy project.


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